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Aerification Plus provides effective aerification services that allow you to gain maximum long term agronomic benefit and meet short term play objectives. Choose from small to huge, core or solid aerification tines; small nimble machines for golf greens or large, powerful aerifiers for the toughest fairway or field conditions.


Golf courses, sports fields, equestrian venues and other fine turf areas throughout Florida rely on Aerification Plus. Our team of professionals is ready to put our experience to work for you. We have worked diligently since 1997 to be a solid resource for each turf manager for which we have served. Aerification is our only business. We specialize in aerification of fine turf and strive to be the best in our profession. Your demands for playability, scheduling, maintenance, renovation and aesthetics are ever increasing.


We are constantly learning, adapting and growing to meet these more stringent requirements.


Turf managers for which we work shape our methods and processes through their critiques and demands. We learn by doing. Our methods of aerification have been developed from our successes in the field. We continue to learn about aerification methods and techniques from the managers that we serve. The knowledge and experience we gain allows us to revise and improve our methods to provide a wide range of effective aerification methods to the fine turf industry.


The Aerification Plus team includes individuals with many years of experience as golf course superintendents, aerification specialists and persons trained in soil management. Our staff members are knowledgeable about and committed to proper aerification methods. We enjoy our work and our particular role in the fine turf industry and we look forward to serving you.


We are large enough to have multiple crews at work in our service area with equipment in reserve to provide additional service in the event of mechanical or weather challenges. However, we are still small enough to effectively provide personal services targeted to the needs and schedule of each unique customer.

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