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Aerification Plus, Inc's System for Aerification of Fine Turf


The most successful aerification event is one that confers the benefits of the aerification process with minimum disruption of the putting surface and quickest return to normal (smooth) turf conditions.  Even the most well planned and most well executed aerification event is disruptive to course play and maintenance operations.  There is much to be accomplished in limited time with all pertinent resources limited.  Not the least of these limiting factors is the scheduling opportunity to accomplish this most important cultural practice.  Aerification Plus, Inc. has developed the Smooth-PowerSM Aerification and Spiking System to accomplish a wide range of aerification and spiking services that are most beneficial to the professional turf manager. 

Effective aerification requires a balanced power to penetrate the aerification layer (the depth of soil penetrated by aerifying or spiking).  Soil is heavy—approximately 2,000,000 pounds per acre 6 2/3 inches deep—and usually hardened by compaction.  To be aerified the soil has to be moved to allow the creation of aerification holes and increases in porosity.  Movement of the soil requires power.  The previous statement is obvious; however, it is instructive to give thought to the power requirement.  The power required to perform aerification, while considerable, must be administered with control and balance.  The Smooth-PowerSM Aerification and Spiking System attends to the power requirement by providing the power necessary to operate the machinery, maneuver the equipment into position, maintain consistent and proper speed, maintain the correct depth while maintaining a stable platform of operation.  It should be obvious that the more desirable result will be achieved if the aerifier can do its work without surging and bouncing.  We believe that we have attained the proper balance of weight and power, speed and smoothness that are required to produce a desirable result consistent with the highest standards of turf maintenance.

The power essential to the aerification process must be precisely applied.  Precise application of power is the heart of the Smooth-PowerSM Aerification and Spiking System.  Travel speed, equipment weight and balance, angle of attack of the tines to and through the surface is precisely controlled to allow the power to deliver the greatest benefit and smoothest surface of any process in the country.  The precise operation of our system begins with the Soil Reliever technology that creates vertical columns of air when the tines enter and leave the aerification layer.  The vertical action and precise weight distribution and travel speed control leave the aerified surface smooth and golfer friendly.  There is no "heaving" of the surface as noted by machines that emphasize tine "kick" to soften the soil.  Conversely, the Smooth-PowerSM Aerification and Spiking System precisely delivers the power directly and vertically to the target—the root zone and below—and does not waste power at the surface.  The benefits of our system in this regard are more effective and longer lasting aerification and a smoother surface.  Further , the precise vertical columns are consistent with a more stable, playing surface that will gradually settle—evenly and smoothly.  Another advantage of the vertical attack of our equipment is that the benefit of compaction relief is transmitted even below the actual depth to which the tines reach.  This benefit occurs in much the same way that the blow of an ice pick shatters a block of ice beyond the level penetrated by the pick.

The quick return to normal playing conditions is a great advantage of this system.  Playability is enhanced by the Smooth-PowerSM Aerification and Spiking System.  The controlled power delivered from a smooth running, stable platform creates vertical shafts of air into the root zone.  These vertical shafts are the most effective design for consistent aerification of each and every square inch of area.  Also, the vertical columns allow the recompaction of the root zone (an undesirable yet not preventable occurrence) to occur on plane (level) and at a consistent rate over the entire aerified surface.  This level and even recompaction is a natural phenomenon that will be unnoticed to all except the turf manager planning the next regular aerification event.

Penetration depth is another important leg of Smooth-PowerSM Aerification and Spiking System.  The basics of a quality aerification require a certain depth to be achieved.  While some benefit occurs with a 2 or 3 inch "conventional" aerification there are undeniable benefits of a deeper capability.  With standard 7-inch tines our system allows enough range of depth to assure that all areas are penetrated below the 3 or 4 inch hard pan common in older greens.  This penetration depth can be achieved even up and down undulating surfaces, which is not possible if the depth capability of the machine is not adequate.  Also the ability to vary aerification depth to accommodate sound cultural goals is not effective if the machine in use will only minimally penetrate the aerification zone.  With our system we routinely aerify from 4 inches penetration to 16 inches penetration.  This range of depth gives the turf manager great flexibility to specify the aerification program for his/her turf.  These choices can be especially powerful when dealing with the "conventional" aerification hardpan on older greens and preventing layering on newer greens.

While it is true that this higher level of aerification services is more costly to provide, the pricing is still very competitive compared to other aerification services offered.  A close evaluation of the benefits of Smooth-PowerSM Aerification and Spiking System services provided by Aerification Plus, Inc. will show that you get a better aerification, targeted to your specific needs that will last longer with less disruption to your operation.  In short-- a great value.
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